Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a collection of some of our most frequently asked questions.

Our goal is to help you get the roof you need in the most cost-effective, time-efficient way.

Do I need to get 3 bids for my insurance carrier?

It is up to the insurance carrier to determine the cost of damage and to quantify the damage.

Your focus should be on choosing a contractor who will do the job on-time and on-budget. Don’t waste your time getting 3 bids.

What are my options for a new roof?

File an insurance claim, get a cash bid, or look to finance a cash bid.

How much will my roof replacement/repair cost?

If it’s an insurance claim, it will only cost your deductible.

If not, we offer several financing options, some that don’t require a credit check.

How long do your roofs last?

American Shield Roofing & Construction is proud to offer a 50-year warranty for most roofs (depends on material and agreement). This warranty covers tear-off, new roof, and potentially labor. Ask us about our warranty.